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Pictures from SAIR 2017 are now available

The Fall 2017 Southern AIR is now available.

The Summer 2017 Southern AIR is now available.

Now accepting proposals for the SAIR 2017 conference in Fort Worth, TX.

Now accepting Nominations for the SAIR Board of Directors and Nominating Committee.

Annual Fact Book and Website Competition

Best Fact Book
Best Electronic Fact Book
Best Mini Fact Book
Best IR Web Site

SAIR has a lively competition for the best printed and electronic Fact Books, printed Mini Fact Book, and website. Submissions for the Best Website and Electronic Factbook will be due in Summer 2018. Printed materials will be submitted at the Annual Conference in October 2018. More information will be posted once the award competition opens.

Below you can find a copy of the rubrics that are used to judge the best website and the best electronic factbook.

Electronic Factbook

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The Southern Association for Institutional Research (SAIR) is dedicated to the advancement of research leading to improved understanding, planning, and operation of institutions of post-secondary education. SAIR provides a forum for the dissemination of information and interchange of ideas on problems of common interest in the field of institutional research. In addition, SAIR promotes the continued professional development of individuals engaging in institutional research and fosters the unity and cooperation among persons having interests and activities related to research.